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Georgia Peach Truck – July 19

Georgia Peach Truck coming July 19

Georgia Peach Truck Offers Georgia Peaches and Front Porch Pecans®

Georgia Peach Truck rolls into town with whole boxes of Rolling Freestones®, the farm- to-street freestone peaches from the authentic Peach State!

Freestone peaches are the peak season varieties to purchase by the box, because they freely separate from their pits for slicing in the kitchen or eating fresh out of hand.

One box of Rolling Freestones® is $45 with no limit on the purchase of multiple boxes. Each box contains one half bushel by volume that weighs approximately 25 pounds, and the peach quantities vary upon sizing from about 50 to 70 peaches in most boxes.

Complement a box of Georgia peaches with a bag of Front Porch Pecans® from Lamar Pecan Company in Hawkinsville, Georgia. A one pound bag of 300 – 350 shelled pecan halves that are graded fancy for presentation is $16.

Do I have to buy a whole box of peaches?
Georgia Peach Truck offers whole boxes of peaches that customers are welcome to divide among themselves.  The simplest way to enjoy a whole box of peaches is to eat the peaches fresh out of hand and share this unique summer experience with friends, family, and neighbors.  Freestone peaches in particular also slice neatly into wedges for canning and freezing as well as cooking in cobblers and pies!

Do I have to order or purchase peaches in advance?
No advance order or purchase is necessary.

Are the peaches organic?
Rolling Freestones® are picked and packed in Musella, Georgia at historic Dickey Farms, which produces conventional peaches that are non-GMO and globally certified for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.).  Certified USDA Organic peaches from Watsonia Farms in Monetta, South Carolina are also on the truck at most locations with details announced upon arrival.

Where can I get more information?
See or @georgiapeachtruck on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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