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What’s At The Market This Week

THURSDAYS from 10:00 to 2:00

Sweet potatoes— sweet and delicious—but not potatoes at all. No, they’re yams. Wrong! They are not yams either! Yams are more closely related to grasses, believe it or not, and have starchy dry flesh compared to our delicious sweet potatoes.So what are sweet potatoes? Ipomea batata—morning glory family! The nomenclature is confusing but what’s not is how nutritious sweet potatoes are. They are loaded with beta-carotene—not only a great source of Vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision, healthy skin, and a strong immune system, but functions as an antioxidant helping to protect the body from free radicals (implicated in cancer and heart disease).Sweet potatoes also contain a lot of Vitamin C, Biotin, Potassium and Fiber. And they are available now at the Market.
This week at the Market: Virginia apples, Asian pears, green beans, blackberries, black-eyed peas, collards, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes (Concord), kale, peaches, pears, peppers, plums, potatoes (red, white), raspberries, squash (zucchini, yellow, butternut, spaghetti), sweet potatoes, tomatoes (cherry/grape, slicing, heirloom), watermelons. Free range eggs, jams and jellies (made from local fruits), barbecue sauces, pickles and relishes are all available.Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen will be here with their fresh sourdough donuts; Real Country Sausage will be here with nitrite-free pork sausages; Snyder Family Farm will be here with pasture raised antibiotic/hormone-free beef, pork and poultry; Great Harvest Bread will be here with a variety of baked goods; Devarro Gelato will be here with rich, creamy gelato and chocolate treats; and Chicken Salad Chick will be here with a fun selection of chicken salads.

Phal’s Café will be here with Asian noodle bowls, spring rolls, and kebobs; and Unkol Chuck will be here with fresh-made Brunswick stew. Original crafts from local artisans are always available.

We’re here every Thursday from 10 until 2 in the parking lot of The Great Big Greenhouse.

See you there!

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