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What’s At The Market This Week

This coming Tuesday is the first “official” day of Fall—here, anyway. In Sydney, Australia, they’ll be celebrating the first day of Spring. Actually, it’s our first day of astronomical fall—the first day of meteorological fall was September first. What this means to me is that delicious fall veggies are sneaking in to our Market! And, better yet, the best of summer is still available, too.

This week at the Market: Virginia apples (including Galas and Honeycrisps), apple cider, Asian pears, fresh basil, green beans (including yellow wax beans), blackberries, collards, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes (Concord),okra, peaches, pears, peppers, potatoes (red, white), raspberries, squash (zucchini, yellow, butternut, spaghetti), sweet potatoes, tomatoes (cherry/grape, slicing, heirloom).

Free range eggs, jams and jellies (made from local fruits), pickles and relishes are all available as are fresh-baked breads and other goodies, and local raw honey.

Phal’s Café will be here with Asian noodle bowls, spring rolls, kebobs and more; and Unkol Chuck will be here with Brunswick Stew—all for here or to go.

Snyder Family Farm will be here with antibiotic/hormone-free beef and beef products, free-ranged poultry and eggs and more; Real Country Sausage will be here with a wide variety of nitrite-free pork sausages; Chicken Salad Chick will be here with a selection of delicious chicken salads; and Maharajah Coffee will be here with a selection of globally sourced coffees.

As always, crafts from local artisans are available.

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