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Summer Tropicals

As the summer arrives, consider adding some tropical plants to your garden for a splash of color. The large, waving foliage and lush growth habits add a cool, inviting touch, and the plants themselves are naturally tolerant of the heat and humidity of summer. You should treat these as an annual in our area, but at the end of summer you can bring potted tropical into a very bright area of the house.

  • Create containers of tropical plants that can be easily grouped or moved around for parties or during weather changes. In the fall, you can simply bring the pots indoors, or take cuttings from them to root for next year.
  • For a more tucked-in look, bury the tropical plant pot up to the rim in your planting bed. Add some mulch, and your landscape looks seamless! In the fall, it will be easy to pull up the pots for winter storage indoors.
  • Over the winter, tropical houseplants will need to be stored at temperatures over 55° F—a sun porch or decorative indoor location is great..

Here are a couple of great choices for Tropicals.

Mandevilla has large, dark green leaves, and fragrant pink flowers. It is a twining vine, but also available in tree form! It needs well drained soil and full sun to light shade. Use it in a container on a deck, patio, or front porch, in a planter box, or even planted directly in the ground!

Hibiscus have brilliant trumpet-shaped flowers throughout the summer. It needs full sun and plenty of water. (But do let them dry out between waterings.) A great patio or poolside plant.

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