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Spring Lawn Renovation

The Great Big Greenhouse recomends a four step program for keeping your lawn green and healthy.

Step 1 Crabgrass Prevention

Apply Pennington’s Crabgrass Preventer with fertilzer. This weed killer prevents crabgrass from germinating. Pre-emergent weed controls need to be applied in early spring. A good rule of thumb is to apply before forsythias drop their blooms.

Step 2 Fertilize

Use Pennington’s Lawn Food in March to help turn your brown lawn green. Follow the application rates on the label. Fertilizers supply nutrients needed for healthy grass.

Step 3 Weed and feed

Broadleafed weeds like dandelions and clover can be controlled by using Pennington’s Weed and feed. This product kills weeds by feeding healthy grass AND attacking weeds with herbicides designed to be safe for grass.

Step 4 Insect control

Late spring to early summer is the time to kill lawn insects. Milky Spore is an organic grub control recommended to kill Japanese Beetle grubs. For fast acting control of grubs use Bayer Season Long Grub Control with Merit.

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