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Fall Gardening Resources

Benefits of Fall Gardening

In our area, fall is the ideal time to plant all kinds of things from cool-season veggies, turf grasses and perennials to both evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. Yet, strangely, when it comes to planting, many homeowners think only of spring. Read this article to learn about many of the benefits of planting during the fall and what choices you have available.

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Excellent Fall Perennials

Fall plantings are not limited to just mums anymore. This is just a small sampling of the many perennials you can plant in the fall found at any of our locations. Many of these perennials either bloom in the fall or have great fall color in their foliage.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips

Take advantage of cool fall weather to fertilize, control weeds, and improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Follow these lawn care tips to ensure that your lawn performs at its peak for seasons to come.

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Great Plants for Fall

There is no shortage of great plants out there that shine during the fall season. From flowering favorites like chrysanthemums and pansies to more ornamental choices such as nandina or grasses, there is something for everybody in this abundant season. Check out this beginners list of common fall plantings that you can find at many of our retail locations.

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Fall Foliage

Fall is rapidly approaching and that means the foliage in your landscape and across the area will be turning soon. It’s never too late to plant some great landscape specimens to enjoy these seasonal colors. Planting trees and shrubs in the fall is advantageous because it allows them to produce roots that will benefit growth in the spring and prepare them for the hot summer months to follow. Selecting plants that offer fall color or berries will add to the appeal of your landscape for an extended season. Here is a chart to get you started. Remember that FALL is for PLANTING!

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Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Labor Day marks the annual arrival of Dutch Flower Bulbs at Meadows Farms Nurseries. For centuries gardeners have been digging and dropping bulbs into the ground to produce the amazing colors of spring. Tulips and daffodils are the most popular varieties of flower bulbs, but there are other great varieties such as Allium, Crocus, and Hyacinths. Keep reading to learn more about planting fall bulbs for a beautiful spring showcase.

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Fall Mixed Containers

With summer coming to an end it seems right to freshen up those tired spring and summer container gardens. Check out our gallery filled with some excellent ideas for fall container gardens and some of the plants available to make the best combinations.

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