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As the state flower of both North Carolina and Virginia, dogwoods are a highly sought after tree in our area. Dogwoods began their history prized more for their wood than for their beautiful blooms. In Europe the thin stems of hard wood were used to make arrow shafts and daggers, while the Native Americans used the wood for several medicinal properties they belived it to possess. It was Thomas Jefferson who really should be credited for the dogwoods use today as an ornamental tree. He planted many on his property at Montecello and spoke highly of the species. This helped dogwoods take off as ornamental specimens across the country.

Dogwood Care

Dogwoods thrive best if they are planted in a partial sun environment. Dogwoods can tolerate full sun, but the intense summer heat we experience in our area can leave dogowoods looking wilted and sad throughout most of the day if they aren’t able to get some relief.

Dogwoods need moist soil to thrive. Slow, deep waterings encourage deeper root growth which is beneficial for any tree, especially during times of drought. In the beginning, water your dogwood early and often so that the root systems become established. After that, it’s just a matter of watering when the soil begins to feel slightly dry. Keep an eye on the weather and if periods of dry or extremely hot weather persist, up your watering regimen.


We carry a wide range of dogwood cultivars in several different sizes, so there’s definitely a tree for everyone. Take a look below for some of the more common dogwood varities you can find at Meadows Farms.


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Milky Way

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Stellar Pink

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