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There are many varieties of Sedum (also known as stonecrops) that are excellent summer perennials. Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae which have succulent leaves therefore holding moisture and requiring very little water once established, for this reason Sedum perform excellent in full sun locations and thrive through summer’s dry heat.

Sedum have become a very versatile perennial in the landscape due to the diverse growing habits of this sun loving plant. There are groundcover varieties that grow only a few inches in height and are perfect for rock gardens. Some of these varieties endure foot traffic as well and work wonderfully in between rock pavers or planted down winding pathways. Most of the low growing Sedum bloom in the spring or summer. The taller varieties
of sedum work well as border perennials or can be planted in groups to give a mass affect. The taller, upright varieties of Sedum typically develop large flower heads in mid-summer and bloom from late summer through fall. All
varieties of Sedum require well-drained soil and are extremely drought

Sedums are an easy perennial for even the novice gardener. They are very low maintenance, requiring virtually no pruning to shape. They make good cut flowers, attract butterflies and are a great addition to any landscape. You will be able to find the right sedum for any sunny spot in your yard as we carry over 20 varieties of groundcover and upright Sedum.

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