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Hellebores have become an incredibly popular perennial in the past few years due to their unique bloom time and the low maintenance required for these winter-blooming, evergreen perennials.

Hellebores thrive in rich, well-drained soil. They are excellent for bringing color to garden borders, under deciduous trees, or between other shrubs. They can handle full shade locations, but perform best if given a few hours of morning sun. Once established hellebores are very drought tolerant and can be grown with great success in hardiness zones 4-8. Our region falls under the hardiness zone from 6B (colder northern and western suburbs) to 7A (mainly south and east of Washington, D.C.).

This wonderful winter gem starts blooming in late December or early January and can bloom through May and into June. They bloom in a vast array of colors including reds, pinks, whites, greens, purples, and even some grey and black blooms.

The deer tend not to bother these winter bloomers eitherand they’ll reach a height of 12 -18 inches with a similar spread. Although they are evergreen, it’s a good idea to remove the old, tattered foliage each spring after blooming to allow for new foliage to put on a show.


Check out just a handful of the varieties of hellebores carried by Meadows Farms Nurseries:


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Ivory Prince

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Molly’s White

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Penny’s Pink

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Pink Frost

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