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The Echinacea perennial (commonly called ‘Coneflower’) is a member of the daisy family. Native Echinacea are found growing in moist to dry prairies and open wooded areas in eastern and central North America. The Native Americans have used this perennial for more than 400 years to treat infections and wounds as a general “cure-all”. Due to genetics, these once native purple cone flowers have exploded in popularity, offering a diverse selection of flower colors and are used as a wonderful summer blooming perennial in the landscape.

These great perennials come in a wide choice of colors ranging from bold shades of orange and yellow, radiant hues of purple, soft whites and pretty hues of pink. The selection of colors is only one of the things we love about coneflowers; their unique flower forms are just as incredible. These perennials are not only beautiful; they are very easy to grow. Give these perennials a spot in full sun and enjoy their fabulous color year after year.

These sturdy perennials will bloom from early summer until frost. Echinacea
is a very low maintenance perennial that attracts butterflies and makes
incredible cut flowers. They are rarely troubled by pests or disease and will perform best in full sun to partial shade. Deadheading (or removing the past
bloom flower spikes) will promote re-blooming for your coneflowers throughout the summer and into the fall

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