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Echinacea (Cone Flowers)

Echinacea, or more commonly known as the humble cone flower, is a native perennial to North America and has been a staple plant dating as far back as the native Americans. However, it wasn’t until recently that cone flowers have been making a resurgance in home gardens. For generations, cone flowers were only available in one, single color: a pale pink. Through research and cross breeding, there are now dozens of varities available to the gardener, from pinks and whites to yellows, red, and multi-color varieties. Cone flowers are also great plants to attract pollinators to your gardens, as bees, butterflies, and birds love hanging around the large blooms. Finally, a single cone flower can provide a summer season’s worth of color that will remain year after year.


Take a look below at a sampling of varieties of echinacea carried by Meadows Farms. Please note that not every variety can be found at all stores so please call your local Meadows Farms retail location for availability information.

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