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ZZ Plants

Ths succulent relative of the philodendron and pothos has become very popular for its ease of care and lower light tolerance. Its dark green, waxy leaves are arranged on either side of a thick, tapering blotchy stem. These succulent stems arise from a thick rhizome. It looks more like a cycad (e.g., King Sago) than an aroid, and takes its botanical name from its resemblance to the cycad genus Zamia. However, when it produces a flower, low on the plant and inconspicuous, one can easily see its relation to plants like the Chinese Evergreen. The Zamioculcas is the only member of its genus.

The ZZ is native to eastern Africa, where it grows in warm temperatures on rocky ground. It is fairly drought tolerant, but if allowed to go too dry, it will experience leaf loss. General yellowing of the foliage may indicate exposure to cold, and it is not tolerant of over-watering. Growing as tall as two to three feet in height, its stems arch outward in an attractive habit. The Zamioculcas makes an easy and decorative house plant.

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