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Tropical Bonsai

A Great Indoor Hobby

The ancient art of bonsai (bone-sigh, meaning a tree planted in a shallow bowl) involves dwarfing or miniaturizing woody trees and shrubs, replicating nature’s effects on the full sized plants growing in the wild. Tradition dictates the use of winter hardy or temperate zone plants. Care for these wonderful plants includes a protected winter period of cold, but not freezing, temperatures in a cold frame, an unheated greenhouse, attached garage, or sheltered heeled-in position in the garden. This is not always an option for apartment or condo dwellers.

Tropical woody trees and shrubs are great subjects for bonsai, with the difficulty of winter care eliminated. Tropical bonsai are easy and beautiful on a window sill year round. As with traditional bonsai, tropical bonsai can live many years, and can be trained in the same styles as the outdoor plants. Bonsai techniques are identical for these “indoor” plants, including potting, styling, pruning and wiring. If you enjoy working with plants, indoors or out, this is a great hobby for you.

We carry a large selection of “finished” bonsai, as well as a wide variety of starter plants. If you
are new to bonsai, we can advise you on selecting and caring for, or creating, a miniature tree to enjoy for years to come.

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