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Low Maintenance Houseplants

Some of our favorite indoor plants are in the genus Philodendron, including the ubiquitous Heart-leaf philodendron (P. cordatum) and the large-leaved Philodendron selloum (Tree Philodendron.) If you’ve never tried a self-heading (slow-to-vine) philodendron, the hybrids “Prince of Orange”, “Moonlight”, and “Autumn” make very attractive houseplants.

If you have the space, the Split-leaf Philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) makes a very exotic statement and, with clever lighting, casts wonderful jungle patterns on walls. Other cool philodendrons for home or office include P. ‘Cobra’, P. xanadu, P. ‘Jungle Boogie’, and P. ‘Brazil’. Philodendrons are generally easy-care indoor plants.

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