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Peace Lily

One of our most popular indoor plants, the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is, I think, the prettiest houseplant member of the philodendron relatives. The Aroid family, which also contains Dieffenbachia, Chinese Evergreen, and Caladiums, is recognizable by the unique spadix and spath flower. In the Peace Lily, this flower is very showy, with the spike of tiny cream flowers (spadix) surrounded by a snowy-white modified leaf (spath). Another nice attribute to the Peace Lily is its ability to bloom without the direct sunlight that most flowers require.

Spathiphyllum prefer bright to medium indirect light. Too much direct sun causes the foliage to fade to a yellowish green, while too little light means few if any flowers. Most of the white roots can be found at the bottom of the pot, and like most flowering plants, being a little pot-bound helps to keep the plant flowering. Water when the surface soil is dry. While customers are always telling us that they love this plant because it tells you when it needs water, the droop stage really means the plant has gotten too dry. Unfortunately, most people do wait until the leaves droop to water, which results in yellow leaves a few days later. Use a general houseplant fertilizer monthly to promote consistent flowering. New white flower-buds emerge from a leaf-stem, unfolding into the pretty white spath/spadix flower. As the flower ages, the spadix may shed white powdery pollen on the leaves and then start to brown. The white spath may turn brown or green, and should then be removed.

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