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Norfolk Island Pines

These soft-needled conifers are native to tiny Norfolk Island, located in the South Pacific near Australia. They can grow to 70 feet in height, but make an easy container plant, slowly reaching 10 feet or so as an indoor plant. A Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is a beautiful houseplant, and makes a wonderful indoor Christmas tree when decorated with ribbons or light-weight ornaments.

The Norfolk Island pine is a good choice for indoor locations that stay cool but above freezing, such as glassed-in porches, or entryways where cold air is introduced frequently. Provide very bright indirect light or some direct sun, rotating the plant ¼ turn monthly to maintain a symmetrical appearance. Soil should dry slightly between waterings, and roots should not stand in water. These pines have small root systems, so do not over-pot, moving them up in size gradually as needed.

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