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Indoor Ferns

Soft, feathery, lush ferns can add real beauty to your home or office. There are many wonderful ferns that are suitable as houseplants, including footed ferns like Rabbit’s Foot, Deer’s Foot, Hare’s Foot, and Possum Tail. All of these have waxy fronds that can tolerate drier indoor air and moderate light. Kangaroo Paw, Birdsnest, and Leatherleaf ferns are also easy ferns for inside. Then there are the “Table” ferns (Pteris varieties) such as Silver Lace and Club Foot that make pretty potted plants.

Boston fern and the many other Nephrolepis species and cultivars are a little more difficult inside, but are great as summer annuals for shady porches and patios. The lovely Maidenhair ferns add a graceful touch to shaded summer containers and planters.

Most ferns require even moisture and some sun protection. It is also important to provide very good drainage to avoid water-logged roots. And if your ferns get a little too big for a spot, they are easily divided into two or more smaller plants…share one with a friend.

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