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Foliage Baskets

There are many easy-care moderate light to lower-light-tolerant foliage baskets for home or office. Just about everyone is familiar with the Heart-leaf Philodendron (P. cordatum) and Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum). Both will grow just about anywhere inside, producing long vines of heart-shaped green or variegated leaves. The Pothos also has a white and green variegated cultivar called Marble Queen, as well as the solid green Jade Pothos and the chartreuse Neon Pothos. All of these are dry air tolerant and like to dry moderately between waterings.

Another familiar foliage basket is the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) in solid green or several variegated varieties. These plants are popular for the many stolons or plantlets that dangle below the pot. Spider plants prefer bright indirect light or a little direct sun, and the soil should dry slightly. Wandering Jew (Zebrina) and Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus) can also be grown in a bright to sunny window, with moderate moisture. Prune both of these to maintain fullness.

An attractive but not so easy foliage plant is English Ivy (Hedera helix cultivars.) While this plant will grow almost anywhere outside, it is picky about both its light and watering inside. With a little extra care, ivy is a beautiful decorative element for both casual and formal décor.

Finally, succulent trailing plants like the Hoya, Rhipsalis, Epiphyllum, and others are great for bright dry situations. All will look pretty against the light streaming through a sunny window.

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