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Flowering Anthurium

One of the easiest of flowering houseplants is the flowering anthurium, sometimes called “Wax Flower”. This relative of the peace lily and the Chinese evergreen is just as low maintenance, but offers a colorful, waxy flower periodically. The actual flowers are tiny and clustered on what is called a spadix, resembling a small corn cob. The color comes from the thick spath, a modified leaf at the base of the spadix. This combination of spath and spadix is the same in all of the aroid family, but is a showy combo in both the flowering anthurium and the peace lily. Hybridizers have produced a wonderful array of colors and spath size, and each spath is long-lasting in its color. Anthuriums flower best in bright indirect light, although the plant can be grown as a foliage plant in moderate light. Higher humidity also promotes flowering, and the plant should be fertilized regularly in warm conditions. Allow medium to dry slightly between thorough waterings. Anthuriums are epiphytes, growing up on trees in the rain forests, so good drainage is essential.

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