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Florist Cyclamen or “Alpine Violet”

These beautiful tuberous flowering plants have blooms that resemble wild orchids dancing over variegated heart-shaped leaves. Cyclamen are indoor winter-flowering plants, generally available from September into February. They flower best with lots of light, preferably direct morning or late afternoon sun. Keep the soil just moist, but avoid pouring water in the center of the plant, as it can collect on top of the tuber and cause rot. Fertilize regularly with a flowering formula to keep new flower buds coming.

When warm weather arrives, Cyclamen leaves usually begin to yellow. The best summer care for this
plant is to let it die back and store the tuber in a cool, dry, dark location. At the end of the summer,
repot the tuber in fresh medium, place it in a bright window, and begin watering at the first sign of growth. Alternatively, you may plant the Cyclamen in a shady spot in the garden, and you will need to continue fertilizing so that the tuber has energy to bloom over the following cool season. Be sure
to dig and pot the tuber at the end of the summer, as the florist Cyclamen is not hardy in our area.

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