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Amaryllis bulbs have some of the largest blossoms of any flowering plants. They develop 3 to 6 lily–like flowers, which can reach a diameter of 10 inches!

To Grow Your Own Amaryllis

  • Start bulbs 6-8 weeks before you want them to bloom
  • Choose a pot that is 2” wider than the bulb all around
  • Using a good potting soil, plant so that half the bulb is showing
  • Water well after potting
  • Do not water again until the flower stalk appears
  • Keep soil moist, but not wet
  • Needs several hours of bright indirect sunlight each day

After Flowering

Encourage foliage growth by continuing to water, and by fertilizing every two weeks. At the end of the summer, allow bulb to dry out for a month before starting again.

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