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Container Gardening

Get the Right Mix for Container Success!

Container gardening is all about having the right mix… The right mix of plants, the right mix of water & sunlight, the right mix of container variation and, not to be overlooked, the right planting mix!

Success in a bag!

Unfortunately there isn’t a bag of goods that can provide instant container success, but buying a good bag of potting mix is the first step on the road to healthy, happy container gardens. Make sure to check the back of the bag to review the mix ingredients. Premium potting mixes, such as Jolly Gardener Premium Potting

Mix, often contain the following ingredients:

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss that has high water-holding and aeration properties.
  • Composted bark and/or forest products to ensure low-water retention and improve
  • Perlite to help improve drainage and increase aeration.
  • Limestone to balance the soil’s pH and help plant roots take up nutrients.
  • A wetting agent to help the soil absorb water and evenly distribute it to plant
  • And controlled-release fertilizers which are polymer-coated and gradually feed plants for continuous blooms and growth.

Spillers, Thrillers & Fillers…

Mixing and matching plants within a container is half the fun of container gardening. When buying plants, keep in mind to match plants that prefer similar amounts of moisture and sunlight and buy spillers, thrillers & fillers for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Spillers—plants that drape over the sides of containers to provide flow and movement. Some good spillers are Wave Petunias, potato vine, ivy and creeping Jenny.

Thrillers—these beauties add not only height but pizzazz to a container. They are the focal point. Some good thrillers are agave, purple fountain grass and New Guinea Impatiens.

Fillers—these do as their name implies, they fill the space with their blooms and foliage. Great fillers include pansies, dusty miller, begonias and impatiens.

Help containers to beat the heat!

Temperatures and dry weather conditions can get pretty bad throughout Southern summers. Help your plants to beat the heat.

Using a planting mix specifically made for containers such as Jolly Gardener Premium Potting Mix is better than using a garden soil or general use soil. Potting
mixes are formulated with specific ingredients that help plants thrive in their
contained environment. This includes providing proper drainage and aeration as
well as ingredients that help the soil retain and distribute moisture evenly.

Some potting mixes even include water absorbing polymers that store up moisture and evenly distribute it as the soil begins to dry. Mixes such as Jolly Gardener

Premium Moisture Mate Potting Mix reduce the amount of water needed and help
prevent over-and-under watering.

Adding mulch to your containers can also help. Mulch insulates roots and provides
protection from direct sunlight, helping to hold in moisture and keep out UV

These helpful container gardening tips are courtesy of Jolly Gardener products,

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