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Organic Fertilizer: Earthworm Casting

Gardeners know the value of earthworms to their soil. In fact, when Europeans began to settle in North America in the 1600’s, they brought earthworms with them as an important component to productive farming.

Earthworms tunnel happily through the soil, tilling in the organic debris (dead leaves and animal
droppings) and incorporating mineral-rich subsoil into the top soil. They also create tunnels that bring both air and water to root systems and to the all important microorganisms that do the work of breaking down organic matter into molecules that plants can use for food production.

In addition to tilling and aeration, earthworms eat their way through the soil, producing “castings”, earthworm excrement. This excrement contains the nutrients from plant debris, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three primary ingredients in most fertilizers, along with other minerals.

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder™ Earthworm castings is an organic fertilizer that improves soil structure and aeration. It also supplies “good” bacteria and microbes, along with plant growth hormones for healthy root growth. Earthworm castings also contain trace elements, plant nutrients required in small amounts but often absent from other fertilizers.

This rich, odorless, water-soluble “humus” is produced when earthworms digest peat humus that has been enriched with minerals and trace elements. The nutrients in the earthworm castings have been broken down so that they may be readily absorbed by plants. The structure of the castings allows for excellent drainage of excess water while still retaining the moisture needed by the plants’  root systems. This product can even be safely used on house plants.

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