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New Introductions

The following are some of the new introductions we hope to have in stock this year. Please call us at The Great Big Greenhouse to confirm they are in stock. New introductions are often more in demand then our suppliers can facilitate until they get a feel for the demand.

Barberry Admiration

When planted in full sun, Admiration becomes a showstopper with new leaves that are initially flaming coral-red with bright golden edges that mature to an oval-shaped contrasting purple-red with yellow rims. This low-maintenance shrub has a strong, bushy, slow-growing, compact growth habit that ultimately matures to about 2 feet tall with a 3 foot spread, making it ideal for banks and slopes, garden borders or even containers. Once Admiration is established it can withstand nearly any garden condition including drought, moist soil, heavy clay, all but extreme PH levels, urban pollution and even environmental salt, so long as it’s not in standing water. Prune occasionally to keep a tight look – be careful for the thorns – and enjoy!

Bloomerang Lilac

In a world where lilacs are renowned and patiently awaited for their dazzling, fragrant displays of mauve, pink, white, or purple blooms in mid-to-late Spring; Bloomerang has raised the bar with its extended season that lasts into Fall.

This little hybrid lilac created for Proven Winners at Spring Meadow Nursery by Tim Wood has created much controversy in the hearts of patient lilac fanatics all over after its debut in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in 2011. Though it’s not the first re-blooming lilac on the market, it has steadily pushed its way through to reach the 2011 MUST HAVE plant list. And really, with its versatile, long lived, easy to manage, deer and disease resistance body paired with beautiful, fragrant re-blooming flowers that attract birds and butterflies, what’s not to love?

This lovely lilac makes for an excellent deciduous specimen planting or hedgerow in full to partial sun reaching up to a height of 4 to 5 feet with a similar spread. It does not need maintenance so much as an appreciative trim after its first blast of blooms in Spring to encourage it to flush more fully and provide a generous blast of color for the next round after a short rest.

Be sure to give this plant an excellent start in well drained soil for years of enjoyment

Hinoki Cypress Verdoni

Verdoni is a very dependable, extremely slow growing shrub, averaging 3 to 6 inches of irregular growth per year, reaching upwards before spreading outwards over time. The dense golden-yellow foliage tips gradually change to green towards the center of the shrub making a great counter part to nearby plants in shades of dark green, reddish greens and golds.
With contrasting texture and dependable color that will not scorch even in full sun, Verdoni makes a wonderful low maintenance specimen and a charming addition to any foundation or miniature garden setting.

Drift Rose Icy

The Icy Drift Rose is a low maintenance, repeat bloomer that will surprise you with huge clusters of gorgeous, brilliant white blooms from Spring till Fall. This marvel is a small well behaved ground cover rose that spreads about 1-2 feet with a similar mounded height, making it an ideal addition to small sunny garden, patio pot, walkway, or no fuss low maintenance area. Its small size and multitude of blooms demand attention anywhere in the garden and make it a great companion for perennials or a fill-in for awkward spots.

Like the Knock Out family of roses, Drift Roses are tough, disease and pest resistant, winter-hardy and virtually maintenance free performers.

To maintain a nice compact plant with a maximized growth and bloom development prune your Drift Roses back to about 6 inches tall and wide after the last frost of Spring.

Butterfly Bush Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’

Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is a breakthrough variety of buddleia developed at North Carolina State University. It packs all the fragrance, butterfly and hummingbird appeal, and deer and drought resistance of traditional varieties in a miniature, easy to maintain package. ‘Blue Chip’ is a non-invasive plant that blooms continuously from mid-summer to frost without dead-heading or pruning making it a very easy keeper with a natural mounding habit. ‘Blue Chip’ functions well as a ground cover or low border hedge and is perfect for smaller gardens, mixed borders or even in containers. With its small size reaching about 2-3’ tall with a similar spread ‘Blue Chip’ is able to blend seamlessly with flowering perennial and annual beds. For your best flowering results, plant ‘Blue Chip’ in well-drained soil in a sunny area and enjoy!

Mahonia Winter Sun

This statuesque evergreen shrub is a dramatic focal point that brightens dreary winter gardens. Its large frond-like leaves develop in whorls along its coarsely branched stems, with great sprays of yellow flowers appearing in late Fall or early Winter to blast color through February with a fragrance reminiscent of Lily-Of-The Valley before developing into grape-like clusters of wax coated black berries by late Summer that draws birds to the garden. Its beautiful foliage and upright growth habit make Winter Sun Mahonia a strong focal point in a shady garden year round and an excellent companion to shade loving perennials providing a glossy green back drop to their Summer color.

If you’re not intending to prune after the blooming cycle, be sure to allow for plenty of growing room as this slow-glowing specimen can reach 10 to 15 feet tall with a 10 foot spread.
Though Winter Sun will tolerate heavy clay soil it prefers to be planted in fertile well draining soil away from windy areas. Feed with a balanced slow release fertilizer in early Spring to enhance foliage color and maximize flower production.

Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby is a sweetheart of a plant developed by Dennis Werner of the JC Raulston Arboretum. Noted for its compact habit and remarkably vivid rich pink blooms that light up the garden all summer. This beauty wakes in late Spring and blooms on new growth which can be encouraged with a quick early Spring trim that doubles to keep its growth in check. After establishing itself in a moist well-drained area in full sun Miss Ruby will reach it’s silvery-green leafed branches to about 4-6 feet wide and tall and becomes quite drought tolerant.

Like the name suggests this must-have is a wonderful butterfly and bird attractant with the double feature that it’s also deer resistant, making it a perfect addition to any garden in the area.

Nandina Flirt

This very forgiving plant makes a great addition for beginner and experienced gardeners alike, being able to thrive in nearly any soil type from well-drained to heavy clay. Flirt needs no pruning to encourage its bright new growth that persists from Spring through Fall. There’s no need to worry about Flirt taking over as it’s non-invasive like most large Nandinas and the occasional berries are sterile, so Flirt will stay right where you put it growing only about 1 to 2 foot tall with a similar spread.

With its deep red new leaves that transition through burgundy to green Flirt makes its own contrasting colors to enable it to be a stand alone feature or a fine-textured ground-covering mass planting in full sun or partial shade.

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