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Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island pine, a native of tiny Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, has become a popular house plant alternative to cut Christmas trees. With its symmetrical shape and soft green needles, the Norfolk Island pine makes an attractive plant for year-round use. It is especially useful for indoor areas where temperatures are too cool in the winter for other house plants, such as glassed-in porches or entry vestibules. If you wish to decorate this plant for an occasion, like Christmas, be sure to use very light-weight ornaments to avoid damaging the branches.


Bright indirect light to some direct sun, rotating the plant 1/4 turn weekly to maintain a symmetrical shape.


Allow soil to dry slightly between thorough waterings. Do not allow roots to stand in water—empty the saucer after watering or make sure the container allows water to drain away from the root ball.


Will tolerate lows in the upper 40’s, but prefers moderate temperatures of between 55ºF and 75ºF. Summer outside in light shade or morning sun.


Dry air can cause leaf drop or leaf browning. Mist lightly and frequently early in the day.


Use a general house plant formula fertilizer monthly, March through September.


Norfolk Island pines generally do not require pruning, unless they are growing too tall for the space allotted to them. Making a cut anywhere other than the terminal leader (the top of the main stem) may result in asymmetrical new growth.


Norfolk Island pines have small root systems, and generally need repotting only every two to three years, transplanting into the next size container—do not over pot.

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