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Georgia Peach Truck July 19

The Georgia Peach Truck will be returning to the Great Big Greenhouse!

Thursday, July 19 – 230pm to 4pm

Georgia Peach Truck Offers Georgia Peaches – Summer 2018!  Georgia Peach Truck rolls out of Georgia this summer with “Rolling Freestones” – farm-to-street freestone peaches from historic Dickey Farms!

Freestone peaches are the peak season varieties to buy in bulk because they freely separate from their pits for cutting in the kitchen just as neatly as eating fresh out of hand.

Georgia Peach Truck offers whole boxes of freestone Georgia peaches from Dickey Farms for $45.  Each box weighs approximately 25 pounds and contains 65-80 peaches depending on the size of the peaches.

Dickey Farms was established in 1897 at the crossroads town of Musella, Georgia, where their post-and-beam packinghouse is the oldest operating peach packing facility in our great Peach State!


Do I have to buy a whole box of peaches?
Georgia Peach Truck offers whole boxes of world class-Georgia peaches that customers are welcome to divide among themselves.  The simplest way to enjoy a whole box of peaches is to eat them fresh out of hand and share this unique summer experience with friends, family, and neighbors.  Canning and freezing are simple, too, as well as cooking in cobblers and pies!  The truck does not offer partial boxes due to wait times and packaging costs.

Do I have to order or purchase peaches in advance?
No advance order or purchase is necessary.

Are the peaches organic?
Dickey Farms produces regular (conventional) peaches that are non-GMO and Primus certified for global food safety.  An organic option from another peach farm might be available at some locations.

Where can I get more information?
Email or call (404) 664-4027.

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