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Citrus & Pecan Sale December 12th 12:30-1:30pm

PREORDER for pickup on Saturday,
December 12 from 12:30-1:30pm

The popular Georgia Peach truck will be back at the Great Big Greenhouse on Saturday, December 12th with Mandarin Oranges and Shelled Pecans direct from Georgia farms!

The mandarins are Georgia grown satsuma mandarins and kishu mandarins, which are both seedless and easier to peel than clementine mandarins like Halos® and Cuties®.

Satsumas are also juicier than clementines, and bite-sized kishus are sweeter than clementines, too!  Here is a link to an article in Bon Appétit where the writer declares that kishu mandarins are the best citrus fruit that she has ever eaten…  

The pecans are freshly shelled halves from the fall crop in Georgia, where they are refrigerated for storage in order to arrive fresher than store-bought pecans that are shelved at room temperature.

Product Details:
Satsuma Mandarins – 20 pound box, approximately 80 satsumas, $48
Kishu Mandarins – 10 pound box, approximately 120 kishus, $48
Shelled Pecans – 1 pound bag, approximately 300 pecan halves, $16
Free mesh citrus bags are available for portioning gifts to friends, family, and neighbors!

Walkup sales might sell out, so link to the pre-order website below in order to reserve a pre-order pickup from Georgia Peach Truck!

Pre-Order Details:
To place a pre-order from Georgia Peach Truck, link to the pre-order website below, and select a pickup location from the map or calendar:

Here is how to save 10% on a pre-order with a qualifying purchase from the pickup location:

1.) Spend $48 or more on an in-store purchase from the pickup location anytime within three weeks before the pickup date.
2.) Enter the coupon code “Holiday10” at the pre-order checkout to apply a 10% discount on any purchase amount from Georgia Peach Truck.
3.) Show the receipt for an in-store purchase of $48 or more in order to pick up your discounted pre-order from Georgia Peach Truck.

Pre-order customers receive an order confirmation by email and must pick up their pre-order at the designated pickup location during the scheduled pickup time.

Walkup sales are available while supplies last, and card payments are preferred for a contactless checkout.


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