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By Doug Hensel
Doug's Blog


A couple of weeks ago my blog was on AMERICAN BEAUTY NATIVE PLANT lines that we carry and are very popular. This week I am highlighting the DEER-LEERIOUS line of plants that we are carrying for the first time this spring.

The plants chosen to be DEER-LEERIOUS are plants deer do not like to eat for one reason or the other. And, this program is very helpful in that the plant labels help you to determine whether these perennials are for either sun or shade. So, it takes out the guessing game as to whether you need perennials for the sun or for the shade.

Over the years I have done some blogs on deer-related issues when it comes to landscaping. No question that deer can play havoc on plants. Deer are just trying to survive as we humans keep taking away their habitat. The one statistic on deer that jumps out right now is that a full-grown deer will eat 6 pounds of foliage each day to keep from starving. So, you can imagine what a pack of ten deer can do to plants that are on their trail.

Damage to the landscape can run into thousands of dollars. Homeowners are turning to more deer-resistant landscape plants in order to minimize the damage. This DEER-LEERIOUS selection of plants can be a huge help for you to determine plants that are more deer resistant. Come see us and let one of our associates show you this new program of plants.


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4 thoughts on “GARDENING INFO FROM DOUG – Deer-Leerious Plants

  1. So, after all the verbiage, the sun and shade, large or small I still could not find info on specific named plants. The graphic of plants with the big red XXX was cute, but please name some plants.
    Thank you,
    Fran Terry
    VERY Frustrated possible Customer !

  2. Fran,
    I know how frustrating gardening can be when dealing with deer. You are asking for some names of plants that are considered deer – resistant. I am going to give you some names. But, just keep in mind that different herds of deer will eat different plants. I have customers who have reported that deer have eaten their yucca plants. And, I have customers report that deer do not bother with their hostas. I guess, bottom line, it becomes a trail and error with plants as to what deer will not bother. Here are just a few plants that are deer – resistant: PERENNIALS: Astilbe, Baptisia, Monarda, Candytuft, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Coneflower, ferns, Hellebores, Joe-pye weed, lavender, mint, oregano, phlox, sedum, yarow. SHRUBS: Boxwoods, Cotoneaster, Ligustrum, Elaeagnus, Itea, weigela, mahonia.
    Good luck, Doug

  3. You forgot peonies and flowering sage. They also won’t eat Lantana, annual plants.

  4. Toby,
    Thank you for your input. Interesting in that many people have deer that will eat their peonies. Sage and Lantana are both very deer resistant plants. Again, thank you. Take care, Doug

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