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TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – A Gardening Year in Review

IF WE COULD SUMMARIZE THE 2018 GARDENING YEAR IN ONLY ONE WORD, THAT WORD WOULD BE RAIN. The time right before New Year’s is often a time for reflection on the past year and the year ahead. It’s only fitting that my last blog of 2018 would be just that! We’re reflecting on the gardening…

TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – Winter Bird Feeding

BIRDING IS THE COUNTRY’S SECOND-MOST POPULAR OUTDOOR PASTIME (AFTER GARDENING) Winter will be here, officially, in just a few days. But, we have already experienced some cold weather and snow already here in Central Virginia. How about all that snow last week? Just imagine what it must be like for our feathered friends. How do…

BONNIE’S GARDEN – The Winter Solstice

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

This Friday, December 21st, is the Winter Solstice—the shortest day of the year; the first official day of Winter; Yule. The days, which have been getting shorter and shorter each day since the Summer Solstice, now will begin getting longer by a minute or two each day. Many cultures around the world have celebrated the…

TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Gardeners

SHOPPING FOR GARDENERS MADE EASY BY COMING TO THE GREAT BIG GREENHOUSE & MEADOWS FARMS NURSERIES T’is the season.  All of us here at The Great Big Greenhouse invite you to come and shop for unique gardening gifts. The sky is the limit when it comes to finding new and unique gifts for that gardener…


By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

One of the plants often given as a gift this time of years is Rosemary, so here’s what you need to know: Rosmarinus officinalis is native to the Mediterranean.  It’s a member of the Lamaceae family—which includes oregano, basil, thyme and mint.  Wild rosemary can be found growing on the rocky cliffs along the coasts…

TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – December Gardening Thoughts and Chores

LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! Here we are in December. Mother Nature has been very kind to us when it comes to all the rain this year. We NEVER want our plants to be dry going into any cold snap. I have a soil thermometer that I check regularly. As…

BONNIE’S GARDEN – Tis The Season For Mistletoe

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Hanging a sprig of mistletoe over your door this holiday season? Here are some interesting facts about this holiday staple. The botanical name for mistletoe is “phoradendron” which means tree thief. While mistletoe is capable of performing photosynthesis, it more commonly grows as a parasite, sending roots down into a tree to leech nutrients away….

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