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BONNIE’S GARDEN: Peppers – From Mild and Sweet to Killer Heat

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

There are so many peppers to choose from that it can be overwhelming to pick one. What are the differences? Sweet peppers have a nice earthy flavor but no heat. Traditionally called green peppers or bell peppers, they usually mature to a totally different color. Green pepper is basically an unripe bell pepper.  If you…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Butterfly Watch / Butterfly Gardening

PLANTS FOR GOOD NECTAR SOURCES. Now that we are approaching the end of April and summer will be here before we know, it’s that time of year when butterflies begin to visit our gardens to feed and help pollinate our plants. Matter of fact, I am seeing quite a few butterflies in the nursery enjoying…


By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Tis the season—to plant tomatoes Tomatoes are native to the Americas, like peppers, and were grown by the Aztecs who called the fruits “tomatl”—meaning “plump thing with navel.” Tomatoes are botanically berries, believe it or not! So which one is the best? Well, I can only tell you my favorites because there are tiny nuances…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Pollination Q and A

Virginia is bursting with color right now!! Here we are in mid-April and what a beautiful time to be living in Virginia with all the shrubs and trees in bloom or coming into bloom. Just to re-cap our weather: Approximately, April 20, is our average last frost date. So far in April, we have not…


By Bonnie Pega

This Tuesday, April 16th, is National Orchid Day. In honor of National Orchid Day, here are some interesting facts about these beautiful and exotic flowers. Orchids are the single largest family of blooming plants in the world with over 25,000 naturally occurring species and well over a hundred thousand man-made hybrids. Orchids are also the…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Native Plants

WHAT ARE NATIVE PLANTS & WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER PLANTING THEM? There is some confusion when determining if, or how, a plant is considered “native.” In my opinion, the best definition for a “native” comes from the Virginia Native Plant Society: “Native plants are those that were growing here when the settlers first arrived and…


By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

I have a raised bed at the front of my yard, just in front of a large maple tree. I used to grow impatiens there. They did great in the shade; however, they are thirsty little plants. By mid-summer I was having to water every single solitary day—and if it was a little on the…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – April Gardening Chores

A LOT OF GARDENING ACTIVITIES AND CHORES FOR APRIL Finally, April has arrived. March ended on a high note with warming temperatures and some rain on the last day. As we begin in April, I think we need to re-cap March. March was much more traditional when it came to temperatures and rainfall, especially when…


By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

What vegetable is low in calories, high in fiber, a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—and tastes delicious? Asparagus, of course. And, since yesterday was April Fools Day—no fooling! Here are a few interesting facts about asparagus: Thomas Jefferson had asparagus beds at Monticello and often ate it marinated in oil, red wine vinegar,…

An Ounce of Prevention

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

So many people are out now taking advantage of warm sunny days to plant their vegetables, I thought I’d re-run my blog from a couple of years ago on preventing diseases in your vegetable.  It’s a whole lot easier not to get a problem in the first place… Unfortunately, our commonly grown garden vegetables are…

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