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GARDEN TIME with DOUG – March Gardening Checklist

SPRING WILL OFFICIALLY BE HERE LATER THIS MONTH. ARE YOU READY? March is an exciting month for gardeners. Daylight Saving Time is here March 10 whereby our sunset will be at 7:37 PM. How exciting is this that we will have more time to spend outdoors. And, spring will officially be here March 20. The…

BONNIE’S GARDEN – Starting Seeds

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Right now is a good time to start thinking about starting seeds for outdoor planting.  Seed packets will tell you to start a certain number of weeks before our average last frost date.  Some people will tell you mid-April is our last frost date.  I’ll remind you that last spring we had SNOW after mid-April…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Containers

GROWING VEGETABLES AND HERBS IN CONTAINERS IS AN EASY WAY TO ENJOY FRESH, HOME-GROWN FOOD. Now that it is late February, this is the best time to plan and prepare for container gardens on your patio, deck, balcony, or in your landscape gardens. Before we get started you need to ask yourself “do I have…

BONNIE’S GARDEN – Indoor Plant Projects To Do With Kids

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Every winter I hear customers complaining about long gray winter days and bored kids.  There are some fun indoor gardening activities you can use to occupy your kids, as well as teaching them a little something about gardening—and maybe even getting them to “know” their vegetables a little more.  And, even better, they’re fun for…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Crabgrass, A Real Pain in the Grass!

I CREDIT THE VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION FOR THE CREATION OF THIS CATCHY TITLE. It’s a good phrase, don’t you think? Crabgrass is the number one weed in lawns here in Virginia. It is now mid-February and now is the best time to be thinking about applying a pre-emergence herbicide to control crabgrass. To be successful…

BONNIE’S GARDEN: Six Things You Never Knew About Orchids

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Orchids are one of the most popular blooming plants given for Valentine’s Day. With Valentine’s Day this coming Thursday, here are a few interesting facts about orchids. Orchids are the largest family of blooming plants with over 27,000 naturally occurring species. Orchids are native to every continent in the world with the exception of Antarctica,…

GARDEN TIME with DOUG – February is Houseplant Month at the Great Big Greenhouse

ENHANCE YOUR LIFE WITH PLANTS!! TROPICAL PLANTS ARE MORE THAN JUST DECORATIVE ACCENTS IN OUR HOME OR OFFICE! Houseplants are correctly being labeled as CLEAN AIR MACHINES. Have you ever considered going indoors to “get a breath of fresh air?”  It’s not as crazy as it sounds, considering the level of air pollution we experience…

BONNIE’S GARDEN: Groundhog Day

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

On Saturday, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring.  So what is a Groundhog, anyway? A groundhog is a rodent, related to marmots (ground squirrels) and squirrels.  They’re also known as woodchucks.  The word “woodchuck” comes from the Native American word “Wojak” which was the name for a groundhog.  Groundhogs are common animals in the Northern…

National Strawberry Day

By Bonnie Pega
Bonnie's Garden

Did you know that February 27th is National Strawberry Day?  So my favorite fruit has its own day.  To celebrate, I think I’ll have a strawberry milkshake.  For starters…. So here are a few interesting facts about strawberries:  Strawberries are related to roses.  That means they’re also related to apples, plums, peaches, apricots, raspberries, blackberries, and…

Gardening Things To Do In March

March is the month that we, gardeners, have been looking forward to.  For some of us, it has been a long, boring winter.  March means that hibernation is finally over and we can spend more time outside. Just like with meteorology, the green industry looks at the first of March as the beginning of spring…

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